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Etherdot is a hyper-deflationary use-case token, that has evolved features and a unique use case. Etherdot $ETHDOT rewards token holders with auto-Eth and Dot payments gained through transaction taxes. Etherdot's tokenomics provide a focus on liquidity and value through etherdot's redistribution in both Polkadot and Ethereum to meet the longer term goals.

At the heart of Etherdot is enhancing awareness on wildlife preservation and charities through the advent of NFT art and sales.

Etherdot nearterm goal is to be the NFT marketplace of choice for established and emerging artists whom have a genuine passion for wildlife. Consumers of art and artists themselves can converge at Dote's NFT Artist loft to create and purchase truly unique, dote certified NFT art.

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This will add true value to EtherDot’s token with 3% rewards to holders in Ethereum and Polkadot and 3% added back to the locked liquidity pool to maintain a strong pricing floor.

“$EthDOT rewards 3% in Ethereum and PolkaDOT up to hourly based on trading volume,” EtherDOT COO explains.

ABOUT THE COMPANY We are a group of crypto and art enthusiasts whom developed $ EthDOT Cryptocurrency as a community project bringing cryptocurrency, NFT’s and artists with a passion for wildlife together. $EthDOT creates a longterm winning combination for all. Artists preserve their “original works” with our Dote approved NFT Artist loft coming in Q1 2022.


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Stage - Q4 2021
1- Team building
2- Set mission and visions
3- Social media channels
4- Website Launch
5- Contract deployment
6- Pancakeswap Launch
Stage - Q1 2022
1- Marketing 500 TeleGram users
2- Increase holders to 1000+
3- Marketing to Social Media Influencers
4-Planning of NFT Studio for Artist with focus on Wildlife
5-Increase awareness of Big Cat Habitats
Stage - Q2 2022
1- Increase to 5000 holders
1- Launch of NFT Market Place
1- Interview for NFT Curator for NFT Platform in Art world

NFT's (Coming soon) Q2 2022

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How to Buy

1- Download Metamask or Trustwallet and create a wallet
2- Deposit BNB into your wallet
3- Go to Pancakswap
4- Select Currency and enter the Etherdot contract Address into the search filed.
5- Click the Gogwheel and set the slippage to 13%
6- Set the amount you want to purchase and press the exchange swap button
7- Confirm the transaction

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