An Evolved Crypto Cat Emerging – ( Launched 9/25/2021 )

Contract: 0x52ecb4190d40761a7a0e14900b9a0074086584a5

Liquidity Locked 5 years: check here

CoinGecko application started 9/6/2021

Hold $EthDOT,

Earn Ethereum & Polkadot while Dote runs!

EtherDOT is the biggest launch of September. We implemented complex tokenomics that rewards holders with HUGE premiums without having to sell. This will greatly help Dote's development and long term Strength and Agility as she takes on Defi.

Dote is a strong agile big cat who is small right now only because she has not been let loose in the de-fi Market, ……until TBA.

Stay tuned and watch this hungy cat grow up in the wilds of De-FI.

Official Contract CA: ( 0x52ecb4190d40761a7a0e14900b9a0074086584a5 )

Solidity Solid

This token has been designed for the community, long term. Look at the tokenomics below. Keeping Dote Healthy !

Liquidity locked

Liquidity locked for 5 years.


4% Marketing and 1% dev wallet

Dividends hourly

A unique system of dividends developed by our Dev Team. "AntiFUD" built in Dote's DNA to keep Dote on the go!

Strength & Longevity

Unmatched power and growth with an evolved twist anouced 2 hours before we let Dote into the wild De-Fi Market

Join our Fair Launch Airdrop and have a chance at winning 125,000,000 million EtherDOT tokens. Tokens are give for joining and referring. Many ways to earn free EtherDOT tokens

Our Near term goal after stabilizing the launch of Dote is to acquire artist whom have a passion for capturing the imagery of the wild involved in our unique NFT launchpad Launch Q2 2022.

We plan to search high and low to find an artistic lead whom is established in the community to be apart of EtherDOT family.

If you are involved in Art and have a passion for wildlife. EtherDOT, a new deflationary crypto, offers a fantastic way for you to participate in bringing attention to both.

More than just a new deflationary crypto with amazing value our goal is to raise awareness to all things amazing in the wild through NFT's and our amazing Dote.

Say Hi to Dote and visit us on coinsniper and show your support!

Why support EtherDOT

The reasons are below, however at the end of the day it is your choice. We know Dote is ready to jump into the De-Fi wild….. strong and agile, ready to raise wildlife awareness through our upcoming NFT Visual loft, a place wildlife Artist and NFTs converge – Creating official Dote Approved NFT's.

Adj 6-8% Redistribution

Tokenomics a hybrid that allows you to receive Ethereum and Polkdot hi growth new deflationary crypto . Just hold 200,000 tokens of $EthDOT.

Automatic Rewards

Receive your rewards automatically every hour! No claiming or staking required. ** May take longer if trading volume is low.

Adj Liquidity Pool 6%

Every purchase, either a buy or sale, 6% goes back into the liquidity pool to maintain a healthy Liquidity level = locked 5 years.


4% marketing wallet to allow crypto entusiast to find this remarkable token, receive the rewards and build a meaningful NFT marketplace.

Anti-Whale limits 2%

A 2% Max limit on wallets

Limit to 0.1% of the total supply in single transaction


Optimized Tokenomics keeps Dote Healthy

Exhaustive review determined 6% Liquidity and a Fair Launch jump starts Dote's growth in the wilds of De-Fi. No Presale or White lists. Enter our shill contests and earn Dote as rewards

Dote Rewards to holdersĀ  6 – 8 %
Liquidity Locked 5 years 6%
Marketing 4%
DevĀ  1 %

Today is 8/24/2021 – EtherDOT is not launched yet. We will announce in our Telegram group. The date and time of launch. Do not fall into the fear of FOMO and use a fake address. We will formally announce the contract hours before launch so those that want to look at the contract can

A Short video here to explain how to use Metamask to buy EtherDOT when Launched.

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new deflationary crypto
new deflationary crypto
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